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This blog focuses on travel and photography, with a bunch of other flavors mixed in as so often blogs do. We will have a few contributors, all photographers sharing their thoughts on their equipment or the latest products, their experiences with their own cameras and travels, and basically we’re also all geeks. We might post about books or other things every now and then, too. Or maybe that’s another blog.

Enjoy the site! Happy and safe travels, always.

Kristina Pino – Blog Founder

I am a freelance photographer and writer currently based in Florida. This blog serves to share my experiences as I get around, thoughts on new equipment or trends in general and anything else I think is interesting enough to post. I graduated from Florida International University in 2009 and currently am Community Manager of a toy blog called Tomopop. I work with several local photographers and shoot events or weddings, and also shoot family portraiture or anything else that catches my fancy. I love collecting plastic cameras and creating interesting images with any photo accessories I can find. You’ll almost never catch me without two or three different cameras on me wherever I go.


Written by Kristina

November 10, 2010 at 1:47 pm

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